The Martyn Swinscoe Stihl Saw

The Martyn Swinscoe Stihl Saw

Perfect for those who like having their back doors banged in.


Enjoy endless hours of fun putting your own back door in for no reason whatsoever


This stylish and powerful petrol powered cutter is perfect for cutting through those awkward front doors.  


You'll never have to remember your key again!


Now, thanks to this revolutionary new tool, knocking and waiting is a thing of the past.  Wave goodbye to those tiresome 10 second waits at the door.  Just rev her up and cut the bastard in half.


Job done in seconds flat!  Saves hours.


We would like to remind our customers that cutting through household doors with this item is a bloody stupid idea and could lead to injury, homelessness, legal proceedings, or a couple of hundred thousand hits on YouTube.


And besides, we haven't actually got one.